BA301 Week 4 Assignment Six Rights of the Consumer (Option 3)


Six Rights of the Consumer


Basic Consumer Rights
Get to Know Your Basic Consumer Rights: How Do They Work for You?

Responsibilities of Consumers
Consumer rights and responsibilities are inseparable. Each consumer right is paired with its corresponding responsibility to demonstrate that as consumers without partnership between Rights & Responsibilities, we cannot operate efficiently.
Consumer Protection Laws

Federal and state consumer protection laws exist to give protection against many forms of fraud and unfair business practices.

Choose ONE of the three options below:

Option 1: Get Creative

Create a 6 – 8 slide Microsoft PowerPoint presentation identifying and discussing each of the six rights of consumers, as well as why each one is important.

Option 2: News Flash

Choose a learning objective from Week 4 and research an article on the Internet that relates to it. Write a summary of the article discussing it as well as what it means to you.

Your summary should be a minimum of 1 – 2 pages in length and should be in your own words.

Option 3: Traditional Paper

Identify, research and discuss the six rights of the consumer, as well as why each one is important.

Your paper should be a minimum of 2 – 3 pages in length