Atwood and Allen Consulting Employment Law Compliance


HRM 531 Week 2 Employment Law Compliance Plan

Employment Law Compliance Plan

Complete the Employment Law Compliance Plan task in the form of a memo, as described in the message from Traci on the Atwood and Allen Consulting Page.

1) Under the individual assignment, click on the Atwood and Allen Consulting page

2) Click under the corresponding week

3) Read Traci’s email; please ensure that you read Traci’s email all the way to the end since this is where you will find the instructions for your assignments every week.

4) Choose from one of the businesses that has been provided; small, medium, or large (click on one of the links)

5) After choosing the business, please construct your paper or memo, which ever it may be, according to the instructions on Traci’s email.

Please note, not every assignment’s format is a memo, some are actually presented in a research paper format. Must use APA formatting. Must include a title page with all assignments.

Please follow these steps on a weekly basis