Aliko Dangote – Coursework Brief BMG 936


Coursework Brief


BMG 936 Semester two

This coursework consists of two parts:


PART A – You are required to develop a case study on an international entrepreneur from a country of your choice.  1500 words maximum excluding references. (50% marks)


PART B – After constructing your case study, you are then required to discuss which themes from the extant literature are confirmed/disconfirmed by your case international entrepreneur. A summary table is always very useful as part of this section. 1500 words maximum excluding references. (50% marks)


This gives you an opportunity to apply many of the concepts explored in the module.  Your report must be supported by academic research and relevant data and with reference to specific examples.


Assessment Guidelines

  • The assessment will take the form of an individual written word-processed essay of 3000 words in total, (+/- 10%) including intext references and citations, but excluding reference list, contents page and any appendices.
  • Detailed guidance will be given during the semester and supplemented by material under the assessment tab on BBL.
  • This element of coursework accounts for 100% of the overall assessment. Students should refer to the generic Level 7 marking criteria and the marking sheet included in the handbook, to provide them with fuller details of marking criteria.
  • View additional ‘Standard Assessment Guidance,’ (see handbook) for further guidance applicable to all coursework elements.



Work will be marked electronically with feedback provided via Blackboard no later than 20 working days after the submission deadline