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Choose 5 questions from among the questions below

Keep your answers to no more than one page, single-spaced, per question

  1. What is meant by “science”? What are the elements that must be present in the scientific method? What elements commonly considered part of the scientific method are not defining characteristics of it?
  2. Discuss the specific ethical issues that researchers (and not institutions) must consider. How are these ethical violations damaging to the mission of science?
  3. What is the difference between interval and ratio level of measurement? Give examples. When would identification of the two levels be important?
  4. A “theory” is a proposed explanation for how a set of natural phenomena will occur. Discuss the multiple elements of a theory. What is the ultimate goal of theories?
  5. What is expected in any literature review regardless of whether the research examined is qualitative or quantitative?
  6. A “communication trait” is a hypothetical construct that accounts for certain kinds of communication behaviors. Describe the four point “communication trait continuum” and some of the interval level scales used to study them.
  7. What is a Likert scale? What is a semantic-differential scale? What are their strengths and weaknesses? Give examples of how and why you’d use one type of scale over the other?
  8. What is an independent variable? What is a dependent variable? Give examples of each? What other types of variables are there, and how do they work in relation to independent and dependent variables? Give examples of these types of variables.

The instruction

_ Be clear to explain any part of the questions above

  • use simple vocabularies very simple level
  • do not use another sources the answer must be from the scans documents that I uploaded.
  • Please do your best work for me.
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