Paper 1: Image Exploratory

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Paper 1. Go to:

Choose 2 countries/images to explore in depth. These show families, in their homes, with food for 1 week. What information can you glean from these images? Look at every detail. Choose 2 which contrast. Don’t use your home country. Write them up to hand in and use for discussion in class.

There are 27 pictures of different countries. I want you to follow the instruction above and observe two countries in depth. What is the food they have and it is health or not. Where do they set? Do they from upper or medial or lower classes based on their home? How many people in the pictures( for example in Egypt’s picture they are more than 5 so that reflect their culture accept big family) .try to observe every detail you can see. Be creative and use very lower of the vocabularies.

I chose Egypt and Chad so observe them. Under the pictures there are the cost of the food you can use it as well.

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