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Sample Article Review

Retail management

  1. Cite the Article:

Enders, A., & Jelassi, T. (2009). Leveraging Multichannel Retailing: The Experience of Mis Quarterly Executive, 8(2), 89-100

  1. Summarize the highlights of the article


The article aims to get detailed understanding of how has achieved its present success.  What they are doing to stand out when their competitors are being swept from the market. I also aimed to find out how they manage to keep their online retailing approach afloat while their competitors tried and failed. How they maintain their customers and acquire customer loyalty.

Method of data collection

It relied on and used two types of data collection, that is, primary data and secondary data. Primary data involved the use of interviews from the top management team of and the customer who shop in Secondary data from website and public relations material to get more insights on the research topic.


Learning by practicing and advancing E-business operations strategies time and time again should enables to know the right time to upgrade their facilities to suit the demand at a given time hence, viability is achieved. It’s vital to take initiatives of handling the existing Online and Offline Channel Conflicts because it will likely be decreased especially when managers of physical stores take part in the revenues acquired by the online channel. Online channels are important as they contribute a lot to the success of the physical channel. The sales obtained from online sales of a given store can be attributed to that store.

I found out that in order to trace the attainment of any online business, apportions only the costs that were initiated by the addition of the online fulfillment service to the offline channel. offers a simple shopping experience to its consumers especially when it comes to online transactions.  It makes it easy for its shoppers to identify the products they need from the online site since the procedure is understandable. always retrieves data online about their shoppers, even on the goods they looked up but didn’t buy. These helps those to strategize on the products highly demanded and those that are not.

  1. Explain the Significance of the article

The article fills a huge void that existing literature doesn’t provide because it clearly outlines the procedures on how successful online retailing can be achieved. It provides information on the vital considerations that should be put in place to make online retailing viable. For those who have tried online retailing and failed, the article clearly explains the possible reasons for their failure and what strategies to put in place in order to succeed.

  1. Evaluation of the article

The article is well written because it gives full details of its main subject. It clearly elaborates how the research did their research, that is, the methods they used to collect their data. It explains the elements of its findings by using figures that facilitate in-depth understanding. It also gives a brief description of the authors and their qualifications, which are impressive. There is no harm in doing more research as it a source of more discoveries, but the article is good enough to assist many business people interested in online retailing.  It provides information on how one can remain afloat in their businesses using online retailing. It is a strategy that is vital in business management mainly to prevent it from closing down.

  1. How the article relates to the course

The article provides valuable information to Retail Management as a course. It conveys trends that shape the retail landscape, services offered, and how to use the opportunities available to exploit the existing marketing gaps. It provides information on how a business can remain afloat and optimize profits using online retailing strategies.

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