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International Students Guide to Preston Travel

Preston Travel

Welcome to the exciting world of university life! We understand that arriving at a new university, especially in a foreign country, can be both thrilling and a bit nerve-wracking. But worry not, we’ve got your back, and we’re here to make your journey to Preston as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

International Pickup Service: Making Airport Arrivals Less Stressful

If you’re flying into Manchester Airport, there’s a fantastic FREE service provided by UCLAN that will pick you up along with your luggage and bring you straight to Foundry Court. Yes, you heard it right—FREE! Just fill in the UCLAN request form and find more details about dates and times. It’s like having your own personal chauffeur, but without the fancy hat.

Taxi Tales: A Stress-Free Ride to Your Destination

Now, let’s talk about taxis. They’re like your trusty sidekick when it comes to getting around town. If you’re arriving at Preston Train Station with a bunch of friends, booking a taxi in advance is a smart move. For three passengers with three suitcases, it will cost around £60. But hold on, if you’re traveling with a squad of twelve and have suitcases for days, a mini-bus is the way to go! It’ll only cost you £130, which means each person pays less than a tenner. It’s like a road trip party on wheels!

All Aboard the Train: A Pocket-Friendly Option

If you’re looking to save some cash and embrace the joy of train travel, we’ve got you covered too. From Manchester Airport, just take a leisurely 5-minute stroll from the arrivals area to the airport train station. For a mere £13, you can hop on the Blackpool North or Blackpool South train, both of which will bring you straight to Preston. And if you’re feeling a bit lost, fear not! There’s a help desk right at the entrance of the train station to assist you.

Liverpool Love: How to Get to Preston from the Beatles’ Hometown

Did your plane land in Liverpool? No worries, we’ve got options for you too! As soon as you step out of the arrivals area, you’ll find a taxi rank right there, ready to whisk you away. Booking in advance is always a good idea, but don’t sweat it if you haven’t. Taxis will be waiting for you. For three passengers with three suitcases, it’ll cost approximately £65. And if you’re rolling deep with a crew of twelve, the cost is around £185, which translates to roughly £12 each. Not too shabby, right?

But hey, if you’re up for an adventure, consider catching the 500/86A bus from outside the arrivals terminal in Liverpool. It’ll take you to Liverpool Lime Street Train Station, and the ticket price is a mere £2.20. From there, hop on the Blackpool North train, and voila! You’ll be at Preston train station in no time, for about £15. It’s like a mini excursion before you even reach your destination!

Just a Short Walk or a Quick Taxi Ride Away

Whether you arrive by train from Manchester or Liverpool Airport, once you’re at the train station, you’re just a stone’s throw away from us. Foundry Court is either a delightful 10-minute walk or a swift £4 taxi ride. Speaking of taxis, you’ll find the taxi rank right outside the train station doors, so no need to stress about pre-booking. Just hop in and let them whisk you away to your new home away from home.

A Word of Caution: Beware of Airport Agents and Their Shady Deals

Before we conclude, we have an important tip for you: Watch out for agents lurking around the airport arrivals area. They may offer you a “free” ride home and try to strong-arm you into their accommodations. Remember, nothing good comes for free, and your university has got your back. Stick to the official services and avoid falling into the clutches of these sneaky characters.

So, dear adventurers, take a deep breath, embrace the excitement, and get ready to embark on an incredible journey at Preston. We can’t wait to welcome you to our vibrant community and see all the amazing memories you’ll create along the way. Safe travels!