Writing Assignment #1: Demonstrating Global Literacy


Writing Assignment #1 :
Demonstrating Global Literacy

As globalization surges with the use of technology, businesses and educators alike are evaluating the importance of global citizens in the workplace and the classroom.  Throughout the world, many universities are seeking to develop programs and pedagogies, or Best Practices, that help to endow their students with “global literacy,” the knowledge (technical, historical, and political) and skills (social, interpersonal, and cross-cultural) to effectively participate and work in a globalized context.  Businesses, too, are emphasizing professional Best Practices to attain effective and globally-literate employees.

Your Task:
You will be writing a 3-4 page (for Undergraduate students) or 5-6 page (for Graduate students) academic research paper that examines global literacy as follows:

What are some of the current Best Practices used to develop global literacy?

You will read the article The challenge of Global Literacy: An ideal opportunity for Liberal Professional Education  by Indira Nair, Marie Norman, G. Richard Tucker and Amy Burkert to start your research and understanding of the concept.  You must use this article as one (1) of the required scholarly sources for your paper.
You will be assigned a context (Business or Education), as well as a field/discipline to research.  Your paper should focus on real-world institutions that put “global literacy” into practice, and how.  Your paper must also provide a clear definition of “global literacy,” as addressed with your scholarly sources, and how this definition is embodied in your real-world institutions.

You will be writing a draft and final version of your research paper.  After completion of your Final Version, you will present individually on your findings.

Requirements for Draft:

Your draft must contain all of the following:

  • Thesis statement

Your thesis statement must describe the overall argument behind your research.

  • A Print Out of Scholarly Sources

You must submit a hard-copy version of the two (2) previously approved credible and scholarly sources that you are considering using in your paper.  This includes newspaper, magazine and journal articles, informative and reputable websites, and book chapters.

  • Annotated Bibliography of Scholarly Sources

You must create an annotated bibliography of all three (3) of your scholarly sources (including the one provided for you in this assignment).  An annotated bibliography is a document that cites your scholarly sources in APA formatting, and gives a brief one-paragraph summary about each individual source.  A sample of an APA Annotated Bibliography can be found at: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/614/03/

Requirements for Final Paper:

Your Final paper must be formatted as follows:

  • 3-4 pages (body) for Undergraduate or 5-6 pages (body) for Graduate, typed in double-spaced, 12 point Times New Roman font, with 1” margins on all sides of the page.  Flush left margins (do not justify the right margin) with page numbers on the lower right-hand corner of the page.
  • A single-spaced name heading on the top left-hand side of your paper, including your name, your professor’s name, course catalog number, semester, assignment name and due date.
  • A title for your paper, below your name heading and before your first paragraph.
  • Proofread work before submission. You can receive feedback on your paper at the Metro Writing Studio (MWS) or the Academic Resource Center (ARC) at the Metropolitan Campus and at the Academic Support Center (ASC) at the Florham Campus.
  • Use 6th edition APA format for in-text citations and end of text references to any of the sources that you have used (company website, news articles, etc.).  Use direct and indirect quotes appropriately.
  • A rewrite may be required of the paper.  Submit the original paper with the written paper.