Wind Turbine Process description


Process description task

You will have your choice with this individual task, but your task is to write a description of a process. For either topic you will need to be familiar with the material on pages 573-83 of your text. Write a 500-word (two double-spaced pages, exclusive of headings) that sequences and describes a process on one of the topics below. Be sure that you are not writing instructions, which would be written in the second person imperative (do this, take that). A process is written in the third person declarative (One does this, one takes that) or passive (this is done, that is taken). Check your process by showing it to someone who wouldn’t know how that item or system works.

Choices as per exercise 6 on page 601 of your text (if you want a break from your topic):

  • How a wind turbine works.
  • How a food co-op works.
  • How a suspension bridge is constructed.
  • How we see.
  • How a baseball player becomes a free agent.

Choices related to your project:

  • How a particular (named) traffic intersection in New York City works.
  • How pedestrians negotiate a particular (named) intersection in New York City.