Why we need clean environment


 Building an Argument

The instructions: 3-5 pages double spaced.  One non-academic source.  Two academic sources.  Explain your opinion about your topic.

Topic: Environmental Pollution

Main Idea: We need clean environment

Here are my reasons: Air pollution, Water pollution, and Agriculture pollution

Evidence back up my reasons: 1. Statistics, Numbers, and Facts

  1. Definition, damage, and solutions.

Counter argument: human beings are the main reason for the pollution of the environment.

Thesis statement: using of technology and continuing of population growth one of the reasons of the existence of environmental pollution in all parts of the world: air pollution, water pollution, and agriculture pollution.  To avoid environmental pollution we need more education how to cope with that.

The conclusion: add to it my opinion.

Suggestion Sources:

  1. www.whalefacts.org
  2. www.epa.gov
  3. www.conserve-energy-future.com