What culture is…


FIRST HALF PAGE:(2paragraphs)

Culture is often thought of as a group phenomenon. In 2 paragraphs, discuss how culture is individual, including a discussion of:

  • What culture is?
  • Why culture could be considered individual?

Note: Ensure references are provided in your discussion.

Note: Ensure you provide your post and comment on another student’s post.

SECOND HALF page(2paragraphs):

The Internet is full of information. Sometimes, the information we find using online sources is very well done, reliable, and accurate. Other times, we find ourselves on a Web page that has less-than-credible information. It is important to keep this in mind as we explore culture. To help us determine what makes a site credible, I would encourage you to follow this link:


to the library at Johns Hopkins University where you will learn about the criteria used to determine the credibility of a website.

  • How do you know whether a website is credible?
  • What are signs that it is something you should not use for an academic paper?

I would also like you to post a link to a site that you have found specific to cross-cultural study. Tell us if you feel that the site is credible and why. By the end of this week, working collaboratively, we can develop a virtual library of credible information sources that will aid us in future cross-cultural study