Week 4 Simulation Review


HCS 405 Week 4 Simulation Review

Complete the following tasks before beginning the

  • Save and print the Simulation Aid document. You will need to reference it as youcomplete the simulation.
  • Review the assignment instructions and have an extra sheet of paper ready for taking notes as you complete the simulation.

Complete the Health Care Financial Accounting
simulation. In the simulation, you are in charge of a fictitious health care
organization facing financial difficulties. You must complete the following

  • Phase 1: Capital Shortage – Analyze the working capital shortage presented in the simulation
  • Phase 2: Funding Options for Equipment Acquisition – Evaluate funding options for acquiring medical equipment
  • Phase 3: Funding Options for Capital Expansion – Evaluate  funding options forcapital expansion

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word
paper analyzing the decisions you made in the simulation. Include the following
in the paper:

Phase I: Capital Shortage

  • Analyze which cost-cutting options you selected and why.
  • Analyze which loan option you selected and why.
  • Analyze the outcome of your capital shortage decision.

Phase II: Funding Options for Equipment Acquisition

  • Evaluate which cost-effective equipment selections you made and why.
  • Evaluated the outcome of your cost-effective equipment acquisition decision.

Phase III: Funding Options for Capital Expansion

  • Evaluate which source of funding for capital expansion you selected and why.
  • Evaluate the outcome of your source of funding for capital expansion decision.

Summary and Conclusions

  • Explain what you learned from this simulation.
  • Explain what you would do differently if you performed the simulation again.
  • Explain how you will apply what you learned from the simulation at your current or future job.

Support your ideas, analysis,
and conclusions with references to scholarly external sources, such as the
textbook and journal articles.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.