Week 3 Dqs Eco 561


INDIV DQ DUE Day 2 (Wednesday)
Complete the Economics for Managerial Decision Making: Market Structures simulation. In two of the four market structures, using price to compete is not an option. What can Quasar do to improve revenues in one of these structures

Select a company not selected by another student that has used this strategy. Describe the effects on the organization of using this strategy.

INDIV DQ DUE Day 5 (Saturday)
What market structure best characterizes the market in which University of Phoenix competes? How does this structure influence the university’s pricing strategy?

How does University of Phoenix differentiate its product from that of its competitors?

Has University of Phoenix erected non-price barriers to entry in this market?

Can University of Phoenix do more to create non-price barriers to entry in this market?

INDIV DQ DUE Day 3 (Thursday)
Identify an organization not previously selected and recommend methods to reduce costs.

What effects do technologies have on costs?

What are some lower-cost sources the organization can utilize to reduce costs?

What considerations might cause a profit-maximizing firm to decide to forgo using lower-cost sources?