Unit 10 Assignment 1: Backup Criteria:


Unit 10: Assignment 1: Backup Criteria:

Choose a hypothetical company, and develop the criteria for a backup plan. You will need to make many assumptions. List those here. 

  • What should a company back up? 
  • What would be the rotation of data? Partial, Full? How many data sets would you have? What kind of history is necessary? What is this dependent upon? 
  • When should the data be taken offsite? 
  • How much data would be lost if the current set in the server room were destroyed? 
  • How long could they be down? What is the most data they could lose electronically and still be able to recover the rest by paper? 
  • What time frame would it take for a restore? Detailed procedures need to be in place so nothing is left to chance. How would you develop these and test the data restore? 
  • Will the backup media be tested for corruption? Test restores are a must to check for valid data. Every level of the backup should be tested and verified. What will the procedures be? 
  • Who is responsible for the backup and more importantly the restore? How would you determine this?

Describe the company and answer the questions