Twenty Questions about Islam

by Fiverr Tutors


Twenty Questions

1.Discuss the   rite of  birth in muslims

2 .Briefly  explain the rite of naming

3.When  is the Quran introduced to infants

4.Discuss the  issue of marriage among the Muslims

5.Discuss the duties of a wife and husband according to Islam

6.. Discuss the view  of the Muslims on sexuality

7.Discuss the view of Muslims on polygamy

  1. What is the take of Muslims on divorce
  2. Discuss  the  law of inheritance in Islam
  1. Explain the eating habits of Islam with regards to what can be eaten
  2. What are the guidelines on how food is eaten according to Islam.
  3. What is take of Muslims on alcohol
  4. Briefly discuss the aspect of clothing and cleanliness  among Muslims.
  5. Discuss briefly the Islamic burial rites.
  6. Discuss the uses of a mosque.
  7. Discuss the behavior of male and  female Muslims in public.
  8. What is the view of Islam pertaining to affection in public.
  9. how do the Muslims   spend their free time
  10. What is the view of the Muslims on movies
  11. How is night life viewed by the Muslims.