TRS100: Theological Inquiry Assignment

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The purpose of this guide is to help you focus on key points we have studied. Seek to understand the terms and the issues behind the short answer questions. Most questions are taken from the Mueller text. Do not simply memorize. Note that when you are given such a specific and limited set of terms and questions, you are expected to write clearly, support your ideas with specifics and show your aptitude for critical thinking. In other words, be sure you really understanding the issues treated in the text.

Theological Terms: Define or identify the following terms.   Be able to explain what the term refers to and why it is significant.
Jesus as Messiah, Fall of Jerusalem, Kingdom of God, Parable, Samaritans, Sermon on the Mount, Beatitude, antithesis, ecumenical council, Arius, Council of Nicea, homoousios,Arius, Council of Chalcedon (teaching on divine and human natures in Christ), creed, Greek Orthodox, Martin Luther, Salvation by faith alone and Scripture alone; John Calvin, predestination,

Short Answer Questions (a well developed paragraph) The questions below are meant to guide you in understanding major concepts. The actual questions on the exam may differ.

  1. Mark’s gospel portrays Jesus as a “suffering Messiah.” Explain this term, showing how Mark both builds upon and differs from the Jewish understanding of Messiah.
  2. Describe the distinctive elements of the Roman Catholic hierarchy. How do Roman Catholics understand the relation of the papacy to Peter?
  3. Summarize Martin Luther’s Understanding of justification by faith.
  4. What is meant by the term Social Justice? See Mueller, chapter 8.
  5. What is meant by Catholic social teaching
  6. What is the definition of the word church (See Mueller)
  7. Protestantism, Evangelicalism, Lutheranism arose at particular times-i.e., the sixteenth, eighteenth, and twentieth centuries-in relation to certain situations that existed at these times. Summarize the historical factors that contributed to the emergence of ONE of these movements
  8. Explain the understanding of social just within Judaism or Islam.

There will be a question asking for personal reflection.

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