Time Management


The paper is a reflection about time management.

Essays must be a minimum of 7 pages in length with the recommended length of 7-10 pages.
Essays must demonstrate a BALANCE between LEARNING (THEORY) and EXPERIENCE.
Essays must be double-spaced and proofread prior to submission.
The Standard APA style format should be followed when writing your essays.  Any outside sources used must be internally cited and a reference page must be included at the end of the essay.
When referring to your learning, you need to state that you have learned.  Ways to do that include  “I’ve learned”, “I’ve determined”, “I’ve acquired”, “I’ve surmised”, “I’ve acknowledged”, “I’ve realized”, etc.
This is an EXPERIENTIAL ESSAY. I have attached my autobiography and another paper of mine to help you understanding of my life experience. The essay topic is Stress management. Basically saying “this is how I learned managing stress from my life experiences”


8 pages