The Leadership Case Study – Personal Experience: Major Jim Rushing, USAF


  1. The Leadership Case Study – Personal Experience:

Each student will prepare an original case study based upon personal experience. Select an individual you feel has made a difference in your life – a person you admire as a leader. This assignment essentially asks you to validate the Kouzes/Posner leadership framework by doing your own research, in the form of a case study. The case should include:

  • A brief biographical sketch of your personal leader/mentor. Who is this person? What is his/her background, education, and work/life history?
  • A discussion of the leadership methods practiced by this person. Why do you feel this person is an effective leader?
  • Use the Kouzes/Posner leadership model to analyze the methods practiced by this person. Under the Leadership Challenge Model: What was this person’s greatest strength and greatest weakness?
  • Conclude with comments about:
  1. the value of the Kouzes/Posner leadership framework and
  2. Personal lessons and insights on leadership based upon your case study. What was the most important lesson that you learned from this person?

CJ-578: Criminal Justice Leadership