The Influence of Social Media Sites on the Political Opinion of the Youth


Write a research paper that reflects some aspect of how you view specific 21st century information technologies as affecting our cultural values with regard to personal behaviors, interpersonal relationships, consumer habits, professional pursuits, or some other area.
The project should reflect a comprehensive consideration of subject matter, your own observations, and original interpretation of source material. It should further reflect analysis, interpretation of the research, and evidence of critical thinking.

All projects should contain:

Title page – The author’s full name, date, and descriptive project title
A clear and specific research question
At least one original chart, table, or graph based on quantitative data with figure or table label
APA or MLA citation
A references page in APA or MLA format.  Any project lacking documentation and a references page will not be accepted for credit.
At least five sources cited in the text that include the following:
At least one of the significant required readings in the course: Gleick, McLuhan, Shannon/Weaver, Bush, Blackmore, Dawkins, or others
At least two additional current scholarly sources no more than 3 years old
There is no specific length requirement, but you could use at least 3,000 words of body text as a general guide.

12 pages