The Global Canvas: How Your Story Fits into the Big Picture


DB 3

Read the article, “The Global Canvas: How Your Story Fits into the Big Picture.” Taylor and Hoke discuss “macro” issues relating to humanity as a whole, as well as those affecting the global Christian community. These macro issues are discussed in terms of triads with each issue comprised of three relevant parts. Rate each triad from 1 (low) to 5 (high) in terms of how it might impact you as a cross-cultural servant in your present vocation.

In the Discussion Board Forum titled “Global Trends,” list and discuss two triads that have the greatest implications for you as a cross-cultural servant. Why are these more significant and relevant than others? Write your response in about 250 words.

The Triads that I selected to write about is the macro” issues are War and injustice in regards to humanity as a whole, including those changing the global Christian community. Secondly, I chose technology from a global perspective.