“The Black Death” Review


This paper is a book review of “The Black Death” (by Rosemary Horrox). All the sources and citation ONLY can use from this book and my textbook, which named “Western Civilizations” (by Joshua Cole and Carol Symes)

  1. Black Death – Critical

The first wave of the Black Death swept Medieval Europe between 1348 and 1350 killing around 50% of the European population. [1]  Medieval people, not knowing modern science, responded with fear, horror, and guilt to the loss and devastation that can be seen in their spiritual, physical and emotional reactions to the plague.  For you paper, I would like you to examine how medieval people’s response to the plague reflected at least one aspect of their worldview.  In your paper, you need to support your argument with specific examples from the Horrox book. These writings are all primary sources – the exact responses of the people who lived through this.  You should refer to at least 5 different sources from this book in your discussion.  Also, you need to define which aspect of Medieval world view you are discussing.  For example, you might look at how the plague reflects their understanding of divine punishment, or how their study of the plague reflects the role of magic in the medieval world.  To find these themes, you will need to consult Cole/Symes. (our textbook)

[1] RosemaryHorrox, trans.,  The Black Death (Manchester:  Manchester University Press, 1995), 3.

  1. All the sources and citation MUST be found in these 2 books that I provided.
  1. Here is a style guide for your citations!  (MUST use this style)

Link: http://www.press.uchicago.edu/books/turabian/turabian_citationguide.html

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