TAGE ONE – ILLUSTRATED REPORT: Christian Dior (Fashion)

by Fiverr Tutors


This is a part of a group assignment, only need the stage 1, which is a 500 words report.

The topic is: Christian Dior (Fashion)

Research your chosen designers. These people are highly successful in their respective fields. Some are very self-expressive and conceptual, whereas others believe more in functional problem solving and transmitting a message or
idea clearly to a reader/viewer. Each group member should collect examples of their work, photographs/drawings, quotations and details of events/situations relating to their time in history, social background, anecdotal stories etc.
Make notes and ascribe source references to this information, and then as a group, submit one illustrated report (maximum 1000 words) as a high-resolution PDF via turnitin (max. 20mb).
Use the following as the basis for your research:
Facts and Figures
What are the basic facts about these people and their life? E.g. birth, death, location, education, history of their working life, important design works. Identify any unusual or interesting facts. (Maximum 100 words per designer)
Character and Personality What were/are they like as a person and what did/do other people say about them? In other words was/is their personality bold and dramatic or quiet and reflective etc? What are the stories that give a clue about what they were/are like as a person? (Maximum 100 words per designer)
Principles and ways of working
How did/do they go about their work and what considerations were/are important in the way it was/is done? What did/do they prefer in regard to particular materials or techniques? What processes or working methodologies did/do they use or rely on? (Maximum 100 words per designer)
Influences and connections
Who were/are they connected to? E.g. artistic movements etc. Who was a major influence on them in terms of their design work and aesthetic approach? (Maximum 100 words per designer)
Purposes and motivations
What did/do they want to achieve through their design work? E.g. Did/do they want to change the world, help people etc. Why do you think they became well known? (Maximum 100 words per designer)
Research Sources: Library, Internet, online interviews, journals. You will need to organise your group: Work out how you will assign tasks, monitor progress, organise meetings and arrange submissions to meet the deadline.
Reports may be designed in any format or style you deem appropriate, however it is expected that you will demonstrate convincingly your growing awareness of and application of typographic and editorial design skills (i.e. no boring word documents please!).

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