Supply chain strategies evolved over the last decade

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How have supply chain strategies evolved over the last decade and why? How will these strategies prepare industry for future challenges?

Lengths: 14 Pages

This is a research report. It does NOT require case studies or examples. It is a theoretical piece of research

Assessment 3: Individual Research Report

Written report: typed, single line spaced; font 12, Arial or Times New Roman

You are required to conduct a thorough literature search (books, journals, trade magazines etc.) in order to prepare the research report. It is expected that you will follow the following guidelines while preparing:

Introduction (about 1 page)

  • Introduce your topic of research.
  • Discuss aims and objectives of the research.
  • Highlight the plan of the report.

Literature Search/Analysis and Discussion (about 6-7 pages)

  • Conduct a thorough search on the topic of research. For this you are required to search journals (academic and trade), books, websites. Your objective is to provide up-to-date information on the topic. Use academic journal articles under a decade old in the majority of your references.
  • Organise the materials in a meaningful manner. You may develop/use a conceptual framework for this. Build your arguments based on the evidences from published cases and empirical studies. Analyse your points carefully and fully. This is a research assignment – it is not a case study.

Conclusions (about 1.5 pages)

  • Current status
  • Future direction.


  • Provide a list of references and reference these appropriately in the report.

The marking criteria used to assess your written report consists of four major items:

  1. Relevance
  2. Organisation
  3. Research, and
  4. Innovation

Please check the above items while preparing your report.

  • Give figures and tables where necessary.
  • Appendices can be added if additional material is considered essential.