Student With Special Needs Project



(Ask your cooperating teacher to identify a student or group of students who may need special help).

Design for this student or these students a tutorial to aid in bringing them up to speed with their peers.

Explain the situation and describe in detail what you did to assist.

Discuss what wasn’t working for this student previously, and how you decided on a different approach (and what that approach was) to reach this student.

Why did you think your new approach might help?

Your write-up should explain the specific points which you tutored, describe your learner(s) in terms of personality, learning styles and behaviors. Reflect in detail upon what impact your tutorial had upon the learner(s) (positive or not), and why. (2 pages)

Part II: Total Group Instruction (2 pages)

What were your feelings, fears, surprises – where were your successes, and where do you need improvement?

What you would do differently in the future, and why?