645 Questions to What is academic language PPT-3


Answer each question :

  • What is academic language?
  • How can we help K-12 students to build the academic language that they need to succeed in school?
  • What does edTPA ask for regarding Academic Language?
  • How can the university support teacher education candidates (you) in embedding academic language into classroom practice?
  • How would you explain the importance of academic language in non-technical terms (to a parent, for example)?
  • Explain what the author of the slide show means when he uses the analogy on slide number 9.
  • Slide 12 instructs us that teachers need to helps students practice language function. Briefly describe two ways you could do this in your class (give the grade level).
  • What are the three steps to teaching academic language?
  • Explain the difference between the bricks and mortar words on slide number 18.
  • Slide 22 provides steps for teaching academic language. However, they sound a little complicated.  Simplify the steps.  Restate them in your own words so they are easier to understand.
  • Review slide number 26. What is your opinion about these steps?  Do you think they are necessary? Do you see yourself following them in your lessons?  Why or why not?
  • Review slides 28, 29, and 30.
    • What do they have in common with Syntax?
    • Provide a brief example of a way you have or might use sentence frames.
  • Justify the importance of backwards mapping.
  • What does the quote on slide 75 mean to you?
  • Considering the content of this course,
    • What are some big ideas you took away from this course?
    • What are some questions you still have after hearing/reading/practicing the content of the course?