Strategic Planning DNPC- 626 – Discussions 3


                                                         Strategic Planning DNPC- 626

Individual Discussions  Due 2/22/21

Discussion 3

Post a one- to two- response

In Chapter 7 and 8, you learned the importance of the organizational environment for your healthcare organization. For this self-assessment, answer the key questions about your healthcare organization for determining patient and family oriented care.


Assignment 3.1

Strategic Action Steps

Your assignment for this module is to complete steps five and six in Ebener and Smith’s strategic planning process. Follow the instructions below to complete the assignment.

The goal of steps five and six is to develop strategies for the strategic areas of concern identified in step four, and then plan action steps that are measurable and specific. The action steps tell you what is specifically going to be done, who is going to be responsible for getting it done, and when it will be completed. Refer to the top two strategic areas of concern you identified in the Module 2 assignment, and develop one strategy to address each strategic area.

Then, draft a half-page paper that includes a description of one strategy with two (2) corresponding action steps for all three strategic areas.

  • Strategic Area #1
  • Strategy
  • Action Step #1
  • Action Step #2

Each action step must be measurable and specific and explain what is going to be done, who will be responsible for getting it done, and when it will be completed.