STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT OF PROJECTS – Assignment 1(Project Management Maturity (P3M3))


Evaluate the Project Management Maturity of your organisation using the Portfolio, Programme, and Project Management Maturity Model P3M3. You only need to evaluate the PROJECT management maturity, not the programme or portfolio management maturity of your organisation.
You should consult the P3M3 website: and research how to conduct the evaluation.
Your assignment should be approx 1500 words in length and typed. Assessment significantly over this length may be penalised or returned for editing.
Preparatory Readings
1. The P3M3 website and relevant downloads.
2. The Unit Workbook (available on Blackboard).

Required Reading:

Strategic Management of Projects Workbook.

Case study materials provided for assignments and the workshop (available on Blackboard).

Graham M Winch (2010) Managing Construction Projects, 2nd Edition Chichester, John Wiley & Sons.

Background reading:

Peter Morris, Jeffrey Pinto and Jonas Söderlund (2012) The Oxford Handbook of Project Management Oxford, OUP.

Peter Morris and Jeffrey Pinto, J. K. (eds.) (2004) The Wiley Guide to Managing Projects New York, Wiley. (This text available for download by chapter from Blackboard).

Additional Files:


7 pages

APA – 6 References

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