Storytelling in a Family Setting


Assignment A – Telling Stories/Routines/Rituals/Secrets

Using ideas from chapter one or two, you should talk about story telling in a family setting. You may use a fictional family (I differentiate between fictional and hypothetical. A fictional family exists on paper or on screen while a hypothetical family is something that is just in your head So be prepared to refer to a television series, film, book, portrayal is you select the fictional. The paper needs to access ideas from Turner & West (2006) chapters as a base, with your ideas as support for you argument. The paper should be two pages in length. If you decide to take an idea from chapters one or two, you need to develop a thesis on your own. For instance, on page 40 of the e-copy version of the book, there is a chart of Six Family Configurations and Their Communication. You could identify a family type and a communication issue, let’s say Extended Family that “may have the potential for conflict if issues such as growth and change are not addressed” and explore a personal example from your life, or find a fictional example like from a show like Modern Family. Please use a fictional family that is in aTV show or book. I will upload chapters

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