Step 1: Summarize your findings in comparison to statewide statistics…


  • Components:
  • A. Research the most recent health assessment data/report(s) for your county of residence. Review the report examples attached in the M1-M4 Dropbox, or look for websites such as these: RWJF County Health Rankingsor Florida Charts. Be thorough on your research, then:
    • Step 1: Summarize your findings in comparison to statewide statistics for all data provided in each the following six categories. (This might be a great place to have fun and demonstrate your creativity!!)
      1. 1. Behavioral Risk Factors (i.e.; smoking, obesity, alcohol consumption, teen pregnancy, etc.)
      2. 2. Socioeconomic Characteristics (i.e.: unemployment, violent crime, HS graduation rates, etc.)
      3. 3. Health Status (i.e.: Cancer rates, rates of heart disease, etc.)
      4. 4. Maternal, Infant and Young Child Health (i.e.: birth rates, infant death rates, etc.)
      5. 5. Social and Mental Health (i.e.: alcohol related car accidents, violent crime, suicide, etc.)
      6. 6. Infectious Disease-or Communicable Disease (i.e.: rates of HIV/AIDS, TB, pneumonia, etc.)
    • Step 2: Answer the following questions :
      • What issuesdo you or your county officials note as significant outliers (either positive or negative) in the statistics for your county?
      • What programs have been initiated in your county to address the significant health issues highlighted above?
  • B.Research the current employment status of health care professionals in your county. Answer the following questions: 1) How does employment for healthcare professions rank overall compared with other professions? 2) What are the major healthcare employers in your area, and how many employees are at these institutions? 3) What are average salaries for a few of the major health professions in your county (or professions of interest to you), and how do those salariescompare with national averages? (Search credible articles and websites for this information. Here is an example:
  • C. Research how information technology is being utilized in your county to improve both the collection of assessment data and the health status of the residents. You might explore news items on your local hospital websites, hospital community reports, health departments, etc.Provide an overview and specific examples.
  • Note: Your report must be in APA format (link to guidelines: APA Reference Style Guidelines) and must include an APA formatted list of all sources/references. No abstract is needed for this report. You might review the grading rubric for this assignment in advance: Rubric HSA4431 – Health Assessment. Review again the Plagiarism Policy.
  • Your written report (i.e. not including charts, graphs, etc. from Part A/Step 1) should be three pages in length in Word or pdf format. You will want to be complete and concise (i.e. quality not quantity!). Your grade will be based on how thoroughly and creatively you completed each step of the assignment. Assume you are employed in healthcare, and have been asked to submit this assignment to your supervisor!