Assignment on Ethical Issues


Write a six paragraphs paper, no more than one page. It may be single-spaced, 12-point font, 1-inch margins. Use subject: Ethics Decision Paper. Content: A major outcome of this course is to be able to:

(1) clearly identify and comprehensively define ethical issues;

(2) identify appropriate approach/model and apply it completely;

(3) defend the decision/recommendation/conclusion appropriately, persuasively, and consistently with the approach/model.

The ethics decision paper is highly structured to demonstrate achievement of that outcome. Clear, concise thinking is required. The six paragraphs of this paper are to specifically address:
In Paragraph 1 (worth 5 points), briefly state an ethics issue you personally face now or faced in the recent past.
In Paragraph 2 (5 points), briefly state decision choices possible.
In Paragraph 3 (5 points), identify the best decision choice.
In Paragraph 4 (5 points), justify that choice using individual models.
In Paragraph 5 (5 points), justify that choice using business models.
In Paragraph 6 (5 points), justify that choice using societal models; specifically address “values.” (Assume the reader knows the models; you do not have to define them.)