SOC101: Introduction to Sociology (GSP1224C) quiz 1


  1. A city councilman broke the law by taking money from a company who was then awarded a city contract, and was then forced to resign. Which term best explains his behavior?
  2. What is the main difference between parametric and nonparametric statistics?
  3. Which theory believes that society works best when social change is encouraged?
  4. Incest can be best described as breaking a
  5. What kind of survey question is the following: “Do you like summer and going to the beach and hiking in the mountains?”
  6. Barak Obama’s master status is:
  7. Which is true about conducting research?
  8. “Having a pet will reduce stress.” What is the independent variable in this hypothesis?
  9. The Sociological insight can provide which of the following: Knowledge of group behavior Insight into individual behavior Increased understanding of differences
  10. Which type of research starts by collecting data and analyzing it to look for patterns?