Similarities and differences between Marcus and Torvald Helmer

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Discussion on A Doll House

After exploring the supplemental material on A Doll House: “A Nineteenth-Century Husband’s Letter to His Wife” and “A Marxist Approach to A Doll House,” and watching a couple of scenes of the play from YouTube ( search for in your browser, type in “Ibsen’s A Doll House,” and a you should be able to find a number of versions of the play) respond to one of the following questions in the discussion forum. Be sure to add new material to the discussion. 150-200 words. (2 points)

1). After reading “A Marxist Approach”… do you agree, or disagree with the statement that the characters’ “human attitudes have been thoroughly shaped by socioeconomic considerations”? (1785). Discuss this quote as it applies to Nora. Give specific examples from the play to support your answer.

2). After reading “A Nineteenth Century Husband’s Letter…” Describe the tone of Marcus’s letter to his wife (with examples). What significant similarities and differences do you find between Marcus and Torvald Helmer?

3). Comment on one of the versions of A Doll House that you watched on YouTube. In particular, how did the actor’s interpretation of a specific scene enhance your understanding of the play, or the character? (Can discuss any character / actor.) Please identify the production so that others can go back and watch if they are interested.

150-200 words