Roles, Ethical Considerations, And Effectiveness Of The Adult


AHN 575: Advanced Adult-Acute Acute Care Nursing Practicum III
“Roles, Ethical Considerations, and Effectiveness of the Adult – Gerontology Acute Care
Nurse Practitioner.”
I. Comprehensive Presentation of Issue(s)/Trend(s).
___________ A. Ethics
(20 points) 1. Ethical Principles. – Define and discuss each of the following,
giving examples for each:
(a) nonmaleficence
(b) utilitarianism
(c) justice
(d) fidelity
(e) veracity
(f) autonomy
2. Ethical Issues in Patient Care.
a. Advanced Directives.
b. Identify and discuss at least one other issue, giving an
example pertinent to the discussion
__________ B. Professional Resources
(10 points) 1. Identify and give an overview of some organizational,
educational, on-line and other resources that support
the role of the Acute Care Nurse Practitioner (ACNP).
(10 points).
___________ C. Research highlighting the effectiveness of AGACNP in acute care
(15 points) (must integrate/address at least 4 studies).
1. Based on findings presented in the paper. (5 points).
2. Development and clarity (5 points).
___________ II. Scholarliness in Writing
(50 points) ___ Development, organization, and sentence structure.
___ Spelling, grammar, and third person writing.
___ Use of APA format.
___ States purpose of paper in the introductory paragraph.
___ Uses transitional sentences between paragraphs.
___ Uses very minimal, if any, direct quotations.
___ Uses literature appropriately to support statements/positions that is
MAXIMUM of 3 years old. May use up to 3 older articles to support points.
___ Summarizes entire paper in closing paragraph.
___ Maintains assigned paper length (body = 6-7 pages).
___Submitted by due date
TOTAL POINTS (100 points possible)

Additional Materials: