Research question authors set out to answer


Please read the following article, and address the questions that appear below in a four- page paper:

Song, H., Han, H., Lee, J., Kim, J, Kim, K.B., Ryu, J.P., & Kim, M. (2010). Does access to care still affect health care utilization by immigrants? Testing of an empirical explanatory model of health care utilization by Korean American immigrants with high blood pressure. Journal of Immigrant Minority Health, 12, 513-519.

What research question did the authors set out to answer?
What research hypothesis was tested in this study?
What study design was employed in the study? What (if any) type of bias is inherent to this design?
Summarize the univariate findings displayed in Table 1.
Summarize the bivariate findings reported in Table 2.
What limitations were noted with regard to the study’s findings and conclusions?

Assignment Expectations

You are expected to incorporate relevant background readings into your responses.
Your paper should be written in your own words. This will enable me to assess your level of understanding.
In order to earn full credit, you must clearly show that you have read ALL required background materials.
Be sure to cite your references in the text of all papers and on the reference list at the end. For examples, look at the way the references are listed in the modules and on the background reading list.
Proofread your paper to be sure grammar and punctuation are correct and that each part of the assignment has been address clearly and completely.

Length: 3 pages typed, double-spaced.