Research/Interview on Cultural Family Practice


Research/Interview on Cultural Family Practice

The paper should be at least 6 pages in length.

This assignment is divided into three parts.

In Part A, you will be collecting materials pertaining to the culture and ethnicity of the family you are interviewing.

In Part B, you will visit a family to collect data about parenting practices and interview the family about their culture and ethnic background.

In Part C you will write a paper which will make use of the information collected in Parts A and B. You will also include reflection about the experiences you had while doing the project and please be sure to include information from your research and if that information lined up with what the family said. The following few paragraphs give you detailed information about each part of the project. The subsequent paragraphs give you information about how to write the paper.

Part A

Read at least five books and five journal articles on child development practices/ parenting practices in a culture of your choice (different from your own). Your selection of research must include the following:

  1. Select two pieces of children’s literature on that culture and analyze what you learned about families, children, values and cultural practices from the reading of the books. Be prepared to share the books with the class for discussion and reflection.
  2. The role of family members and community in the caring for and educating of young children in that particular culture.
  3. How children and the family are perceived in that culture.

Part B

  1. Visit the family to gather the following information. You may need to use subsequent phone calls to clarify doubts or questions.
  2. Observe daily routines and listen to the stories about daily schedules and activities.
  3. Record ideas, information on family composition and structure, educational background, occupations, economic conditions, dynamics, etc.
  4. Make notes about the type of family, any special needs, and characteristics of the family.
  5. Interview parents about their child’s or children’s school. Inquire about the school’s family support system and how it has helped then to raise their child/children. Discuss the school’s goal, structure, activities, partners and schedules with the parents.

Part C

When finished with the interview process, examine the influence of the family on the child’s or children’s development, and how the family has benefited from support from the school. In the evaluation of the family and school’s support mechanisms, state any additional recommendations for making the home-school relationship more successful. Write a 1500 to 2000 word report of this assignment and submit it as a word document via the blackboard email. Use the following headings for your paper:

  1. Description of the culture’s parenting practices ()
    1. What are the values this culture holds for parenting that you have learned from your research (use citations)?
    2. What children’s books did you find about this culture and how do they represent these values?
    3. What are the roles of the family members and community members in caring for and educating children?
    4. How are these values similar or different from those of your own family/culture?
  1. Family Visit and Interview ()
    1. Describe the characteristics of the family.
    2. Describe what you learned about the family routines and practices of the family you visited.
    3. Describe the home-school interactions the family has experienced. How has the family benefited from the support of the school.
    4. Analyze how closely this family’s experience fits the cultural description you created in Part A.
  1. Analysis and Recommendations
    1. Describe the influence of the family on the child’s or children’s development.
    2. Offer recommendations for making the home-school relationship more successful and what you can do to create healthy, respectful, supportive, and challenging learning environments.