Relationship between Uber and local government in the U.S, U.K and China


Best Practices Document. One of the objectives of this course is to allow  the student to develop specialized knowledge in a discrete area  of public relations. Students may pick from the following content areas: media  relations; event planning; fundraising and development; annual report preparation; speech writing; direct mail; exhibit preparation; crisis communications; planning/production of a film or videotape; political campaign planning; issues management; community, government, employee or investor  relations planning and strategies; research techniques; life science campaigns and communication technology. Other areas of specialization may be approved upon consultation with the instructor. Each paper should be approximately 12 double-spaced pages total,
not counting title page and references.

My requirement area is government relations. This assignment needs to research both on theoretical and practical perspectives. Please do about 4 pages literature review of government relations on theoretical perspectives, then do about 8 pages practical research on the relationship between Uber (private taxi services) and local government (focus on U.S, U.K and China), what the government relations strategies are in the past, and now, what the effect of those strategies were, how they change? What are response from government? What will you predict the change in the future?