Reflect on your own experience of leadership

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Leadership in Organizations

Two parts

1.Critically reflect on your own experience of leadership and suggest areas for your own development (learning outcomes 4,6, approximately 2000 words)

2.Use leadership theory and concepts in the analysis and evaluation of the leadership case study provided here. (approximately 2000 words). (learning outcomes 1,2,3,5)

Treat them as two separate assignments but submit in one document

There can be one reference list, however

  • The first part

Critically reflect, not ‘describe’

Essay format not report

Use theory taught on the module to inform the reflection, as well as your own thoughts and ideas

It might be useful to use some structure for the reflection – e.g. Kolb’s learning cycle (p270 or the core text) or models of ‘reflection’ such as those in:

Johns, C. (2013  ) Becoming a Reflective Practitioner, 4th Edition,  Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell. (Available online as e-book)  – p37-4.


Taylor, B.J. (2010) Reflective Practice for Healthcare Professionals: A practical guide, Maidenhead, Open University Press.

(both books are orientated towards health care professionals but the models of reflection are still generally applicable Taylor distinguishes between technical, practical and emancipatory – it is probably the practical that is most relevant here pp124-142 but I don’t rule out the others!)

  • The second part

Use the case study provided!

Notice it asks you to ‘Use leadership theory and concepts’ in the analysis and evaluation of the leadership case study…. ‘.

And the single case study question is: ‘Using leadership theory and concepts critically evaluate the operation of leadership in this case.

How many ‘theories’? 2, 3? Which ones?

Same theories as referred to in part one or different? It is up to you

You might consider ethical issues in the case (learning outcome 2)?

A decision is to be made:

Do you focus on Tom’s leadership? Or leadership in the organisation more generally with Tom as part of this? You decide

Case study question

Using leadership theory and concepts critically evaluate the operation of leadership in this case.



The two parts are the same but you are expected to write 2000 on each part (4000 words in total).

If you are unsure which applies to you make sure you ask your module leader.

The first part of your assignment may be written in the first person (using ‘I’) since it is a personal reflection. You are advised to focus on one or two specific experiences of leadership – either where you were in a leadership role, or where you could observe ‘leadership’ in action even if you were not a ‘leader’. These experiences might be drawn from your work experience or from other experience (voluntary work, student experience in working in a group, parenting, sport or other leisure activities). The experience should be one where you were an active participant.  You should describe the situation and leadership process using relevant theory and concepts drawn from the academic literature on leadership. In suggesting areas for your own development you should focus on skills or attributes that you think you need to work on, based on the preceding analysis of the experience and again these might be based on concepts and theory encountered in your reading for the module.

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