Rape And Its Effects


Each student will each choose a specific type of crime (such as identity theft, domestic violence, rape, sexual harassment, etc.) and investigate:

  • (a) who are the victims of this crime,
  • (b) how prevalent is this crime,
  • (c) what are the causes of this crime,
  • (d) in what ways do victims contribute to the crime,
  • (e) methods of prevention,
  • (f) resources available to assist victims of this crime, and
  • (g) the student’s opinion of any needed changes in resources, laws, sentencing, etc. related to this crime.

Please ensure that you utilize sources that are not only relevant to your material, but that are also verified as credible, at least one must be a peer reviewed resource.  Be careful of what you find on the internet as not all sources are credible (this includes Google Scholar).