Qualitative Research Methods – Final exam over Chapters 7-12, and readings

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Qualitative Research Methods –

Final exam over Chapters 7-12, and readings

(As a rule of thumb, a double-spaced page for every 10 points is reasonable, but not a requirement.)

  1. Drawing upon lectures, the text, and various writings in the course on researcher bias, consider how you can guard against bias in future research. Is “bias free” qualitative research possible? (10)
  1. Consider the qualitative methodologies you did NOT use. Choose one that could have been used and discuss how your study would have been conducted and changed by the change of methodology. (20)
  1. Refer to the new text, page 193, Chapter 7, Gathering Data in the field, “Figure 7.2, What to Observe.” (I’ll also post this on Moodle) How do these apply to the communication in the link that follows this question? What differing types and items of information did they focus your attention upon? (20)


  1. A). Chapter 10 in the text, as well as the article by Renata Tesch, discusses categories, themes and metathemes. Using the videos at the above link, study these examples of communication for categories, themes and metathemes. Make your claim(s) give examples of the “data” they are based on, and write a conclusion/recommendation. (25)  B). What paradigm did this fall under? Why? (5)
  1. Revisit the 7 “Principles of Good Practice” that appear in almost every chapter of the text. Using your own study or the Themes and Metathemes in the question above, discuss your encounters with/understanding of four of these principles. (20)