Psychological Disorder Rachel Case Study


Rachel is a very attractive woman in her mid thirties, who has come for counseling because although she is never without a boyfriend and frequently has more than one pursuing her, she finds that she cannot sustain a meaningful and lasting relationship with any of them. The men she gets involved with only seem to stick around for a moment
and then leave. Rachel despises herself for sometimes being gullible in her desperate search to be loved. This self-hatred got so strong a couple of years ago that she took an overdose, but she was found in time by a neighbor and taken to hospital. The psychiatrist who saw her suggested that her inability to sustain love in others might be
connected to the fact that as a child, she was severely deprived of love since her mother, a single parent, resented having to give up a promising career as an actress to look after her. Rachel does not accept this interpretation. She exclaims “I don’t believe in psychiatrists, I’m not mad. I don’t believe in all the rubbish about my mother, I don’t need her. I just want someone to help me find out what I’m doing wrong, so that I can find someone nice and settle down.”

3-4 page (excluding title page and references) paper. You should use a minimum of two (2) academic sources. For the assignment, please consider the case scenario provided below:

Pessalease include the following sections:
An introduction paragraph that introduces the topics or argument you will address. Your introduction should be no longer than 125 words.

Based on what you had learned about psychological disorders, do you think Rachel is experiencing a psychological disorder?
If your answer is yes, please state the symptoms that would indicate the corresponding disorder she is currently
experiencing. If you do not believe that she is suffering from a psychological disorder, please explain your reasons or criteria why she is currently not experiencing a psychological disorder.
Your answers to this section should be no longer than 225 words.

Based on what you had learned about developmental psychology, identify and explain some of the developmental
concepts or topics that may have contributed to her current life situation. Your answers to this section should be no longer than 225 words.

If you were to play the role of being Rachel’s counselor, how can you use the concepts related to Humanistic Psychology in order to allow Rachel to change her behaviors? Your answers to this section should be no longer than 225 words.

A conclusion paragraph that closes the arguments you have addressed in your paper and helps relate how your paper
towards the application of psychology to our daily lives. Your conclusion should be no longer than 125 words.

Writing Guidelines for Signature Assignment:

Please use psychology terminology in the modules.
Do not exceed 4  pages in this assignment, excluding title and references pages.
The Assignment must be double-spaced with 1-inch margins and typed in 12-point Times New Roman.