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A paper in which you synthesize all the stages of rhetorical criticism (description, context, interpretation, and evaluation) into a final paper. This essay is the culmination of the work you have done over the semester. This is essay will require revision of previous essays and reorganization into a coherent piece of criticism. It may require additional research.


  • Bring together aspects of criticism-description, analysis of context, interpretation and evaluation-into one coherent final project
  • Construct a coherent, clearly outlined and well-supported CRITICAL ARGUMENT about your text/artifact.
  • Demonstrate greater depth and/or sophistication in development of artifact description, context description, and articulation of the critical
  • Let your analysis “breathe” by filling in things you may have wanted to discuss the first time around but couldn’t due to lack of space.
  • Show improvement in your ability to write clearly and grammatical and mechanical accuracy.
  • Incorporate peers’ and instructor’s suggestions for revision from previous two (or three) papers.


  • Start by making the recommended changes in each of your two previous papers – paying special attention to aspects of content.
    • Then (and only then) cut and paste the revised versions of your first two papers together.
  • Use the “blueprint.” I gave you in class to check that your essay is properly
    • Your introductory material should be first (first on the outline), followed by the description of your critical lens. Then, incorporate the revised material from your first paper by discussing context and Finally, apply the critical lens to your text and evaluate the results of your interpretation.
  • Once you have the draft organized in this way, read through what you have and check to see that you have a coherent argument: What are your major claims about the text? How well you (or don’t you!) support those claims?
  • When you have an organizational structure that highlights the argument you wish to make, work to make the paper “read ” Add transitions, include internal summaries and previews for each section, play with phrases that seem awkward, eliminate needless words and fix unclear expressions.
    • Finally, meticulously edit your paper with special attention to grammatical and mechanical considerations.
  • I will most likely not be able to complete grading of your final papers until after the semester is over. If you would like your final paper (with comments), please provide a self-addressed envelope so I can mail you the paper when you turn it in

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