Problem of employees stealing products at Wal-Mart


PART I HW Questions

  1. You are trying to solve the problem of employees stealing products at Wal-Mart. Classify this as an Operational, Managerial or Strategic problem and support your claim. What decision making process would you use to solve the problem?
  2. Define critical success factors (CSFs) and key performance indicators (KPIs), for an online business like About 150 words 2-3 references
  3. What-if-analysis You’ll need to download the excel spreadsheet. Get familiar with the columns and rows of the spreadsheet. Note that the cell in yellow highlight is the ONLY cell that you need to change to recalculate all the information in the table. Note that all the formulas have a reference to cell $B$3; the “$” in front of the “B” and “3” mean it’s an absolute reference. Absolute references don’t change if they are copied.
    1.  How many products are needed to sell to make a $40.00 profit if the markup is 1.1 (ie 10% markup)
    2. How many products are needed to sell to make a $100.00 profit if the markup is 1.5 (ie 50% markup)?
    3. If I know only 100 Coffee Mugs will sell, what markup should I use to make 200 dollars?
    4. The technique of using one (or a few) cells variable values is called “What if” analysis. How has this technique supported the decision making process
  4. 4) Artificial intelligence (AI). How are Artificial Intelligence Techniques used to enhance business?5) Managers often use business process Work Flow Tools – software applications that allow them to model the work flow in their business. An example is Microsoft’s Project Manager. Select a workflow tool from and provide an overview of the product. (I tried one and had to register to see the demo)

PART I Discussion Questions

There are several discussion questions chose from (See WebTycho classroom for the questions). After selecting the question and providing your response, copy and paste both the question and response here (and in the Discussion Area in the WEEKLY conference)

Q1. Go to and review what their business does. You can even try it for 14 days free if you’d like. Explain four of the main tools and why they would be important for a business

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