Privatisation related to risk, fear and insecurity


Write a 2,000 words answering one of the following questions:

  1. Citing examples, discuss the relationship between neoliberal ideology and corporate crime.
  2. Discuss recent public concern surrounding outlaw motorcycle gangs in relation to law and order politics? Has a ‘law and order commonsense’ been produced in public and media discourse? How and to what effect?
  3. Discuss how the process of privatisation can be seen as related to risk, fear and insecurity using the example of the growth of the private security industry.
  4. The International Criminal Court receives criticism for being unable to fulfil its mandate. Critically discuss the contradictions that its goal of “global justice” raises in relation to issues of sovereignty.

• Please note that for this assignment you are required to cite at least 10 academic references. Note: Wikipedia, lecture notes and media articles are NOT academic references. If you do use media articles, these will be considered in addition to your required references.

• Students are strongly encouraged to extend their research to additional readings. Please visit the library website for literacy resources.

• Assessment guidance will be provided in tutorials

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