Presence of bias in the media.


The paper is about Biased media or the presence of bias in the media.

This assignment asks you to compose a draft of your final Reflective Writing. To help you get started, you might look over your in-class writing exercises. Feel free to borrow a lot (or all) of what’s there. Although this is assumed to be an unfinished product, you should write a complete draft, so that your instructor can give you sufficient feedback before you turn in the final.

For consideration, here are the Goals and Outcomes for Portfolio Assessment for the Reflective Writing:

In the portfolio, a writer will present a Reflective Writing that accounts for and evaluates…

  • the evolution of your controlling purpose, through successive revisions, in relation to the project’s audience(s), stakeholders, and your own interests
  • your composing and design strategies, developed through successive revisions, given your rhetorical situation
  • how and why sources were chosen and how you used them in the project
  • your inquiry-based project in relation to your understanding of academic research and writing

Some thoughts

  • copy and paste the reflective writings you’ve done throughout the semester in order, providing context about how each one illustrates a stage in your project’s overall evolution, and explaining why your choices throughout that evolution made sense according to the goals and outcomes for portfolio assessment
  • copy and paste successive drafts of your project (there should be at least three) and “sideshadow” my comments, then make your own reflective comments using the comment function on the final draft and focusing on the goals and outcomes for portfolio assessment
  • do a compare/contrast with your final draft and the drafts on which you did peer review writing throughout the semester, highlighting the way you all interpreted the goals and outcomes for portfolio assessment
  • rewrite your paper as a transcript for a panel discussion with you as moderator, and including an introduction (your abstract?) targeted at your audience (the 102 committee), remembering their definition(s) of critical inquiry

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