POL201 Week 3 Learning Activity Worksheet


Please review the full assignment prompt and the Week 5 Final Paper instructions located within the classroom and in the POL 201 Course Guide before beginning this assignment.

Utilizing the worksheet below, develop detailed paragraphs that focus on the first main point for your final paper. For each section, a minimum of one fully-developed paragraph is required.  A fully developed paragraph should be a minimum of 5-7 sentences in length. Each paragraph should include at least one in-text APA citation that provides support for the topic.

At least two scholarly sources from the Ashford University library (not including your textbook) with in-text citations utilized within your paragraphs are required.  Two new sources should be utilized each week to meet the minimum of eight required sources for the final paper.  By finding and supporting your material with these sources each week, you will have the research necessary to construct a strong final paper. For help with writing and citations, please review the handouts and tutorials provided by the Ashford Writing Center.

  1. Branches of Government: (Pick one: Executive, Legislative, or Judicial).
  2. One strength of one of the three branches of government.
  3. One weakness of one of the three branches of government.
  4. One option to maintain the strength of the branch of government discussed above.
  5. One option to correct the weakness of the branch of government discussed above.
  1. Reference List (utilizing full APA citations) (Use the space below to complete this section.)