There are four elements to the assignment which should open with an introduction that provides a plan and close with a conclusion. This conclusion should provide a summary evaluation of what you have learnt about yourself as: a person; as a professional; and in respect of your career development. The assignment will require  to complete the six exercises in the work book to form the foundation of your understanding to address the following questions:
1. (35% Notional weighting) Describe your personal & career purpose. What needs to happen to allow you to achieve it?
(NB Make explicit reference to what you will proactively do to create your ideal future. This may include brief reference to your learning from other MBA course modules to allow you to shape your environment and gain more of what you want. You may also refer to your MBA Project as a vehicle to assist this process. Suggested headings include: Why this is important to me; who needs to be influenced / can support me; how this plan is going to be implemented and what it requires of me to deliver it to the quality standards required.)
2. (35% Notional weighting) Reflect upon your most recent (significant) career decision. Drawing upon your learning from the six exercises detailed above:
a. Compare and contrast this decision with what you know of your values, interests, strengths and motivations?
b. What needs to stay the same, and what needs to change when making quality career decisions in the future? (NB Make explicit any insights or learning points taken from the six listed exercises to enhance the quality of your career transition preparation / thinking.)
3. (15% Notional weighting) Refer back to assignment 1 – your position paper. Here’s the link:
a. Assess the extent to which you have achieved your learning goals.
b. Define your career development agenda and the process for achieving specific success.
4. (15% Notional weighting) Finally, evidence of action learning set discussion and learning insights resulting from working with your colleague(s) will be looked for in your assignment.

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