Organization structure and culture of ASDA PLC and British Airlines


Contents of the paper:

LO 1. Understand the relationship between organization structure and culture.

LO 1.1. Compare and contrast the organization structure and culture of ASDA PLC to that of British Airways. LO 1.2. Explain how the relationship between ASDA’s structure and culture impacts on its performance.

LO 1.3. Discuss the factors which influence the behaviour of ASDA’s employees at work giving relevant examples.

LO 2. Understand different approaches to management and leadership.

LO 2.1. Compare the effectiveness of the leadership styles used by the CEO in ASDA to that used by British Airways CEO.

LO 2.2. Identify any organizational theory practiced at ASDA and Explain how organization theory underpin the practice of management.

LO 2.3. Evaluate the different approaches to management used by ASDA to that used by British Airways.

LO 3. Understand ways of using motivational theories in organizations.

LO 3.1. What type of changes could ASDA engage in? Discuss the impact that different leadership style may have on motivation of ASDA’s staff in periods of changes.

LO 3.2. Compare the application of different motivational theories with special reference to ASDA’s employees as Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, Vroom expectancy theories and McGregor’s theory x and y. Which theory is most applicable and why?

LO 3.3. Evaluate the usefulness of a motivational theory for manager. How could a theory like Hertzberg’s motivation theory be useful and relevant to the managers of ASDA?

LO 4. Understand mechanism for developing.

LO 4.1. Explain the nature of the various group that may exist among ASDA’s staff and how they may influence the group behaviour.

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