Organization and management of an Adult Day Care (PPT)


PowerPoint Presentation – 45 Minutes

Project Guidelines:  The purpose of this project is to apply the principles of organization and management to a health agency of your choosing. You will select a type of health agency to study. Only the team leader will submit the Power Point presentation for the team (with narrative in the notes section if required), and appendices addressing the following managerial topics:

(SN: This is an PowerPoint Presentation the only things that need to be address is the everything under the Organization Design about Adult Care)

Organizational Design
Illustrate and explain the organizational structure for your business (organizational chart) (1-3 slides)
Plan the organizational linkages with key stakeholders (1-3 slides)
Prepare a staffing plan for your organization (1-3 slides)
Prepare job descriptions for 3 different positions (3-5 slides)
Explain recruitment procedures (1-3 slides)
Explain retention procedures (1-3 slides)
Leadership & Management:
Consider and justify which leadership style the CEO should use in this organization (1-3 slides)
Anticipate 3 problems and explain how the organization will handle them (3-5 slides)
Prepare a performance appraisal for 1 of the positions described in the staffing section (1-3 slides)
Regulatory Compliance
List 4 important laws, government policies, or regulations that must be met (2-5 slides)
Explain the importance of each of these laws and how you will achieve compliance (2-5 slides)

the number of slides is a recommendation and not a ceiling, but don’t get carried away.  Keep it to the point and short enough to be interesting.  An old boss of mine told me a long time ago when I did a really in-depth 45 minute presentation for him (he had told me to give him a quick brief on the issue we were dealing with) >>> “When I ask you what time it is, don’t tell me how to build a clock.”<<  So address the issues at the managerial level.

30 Slides