Opinion and Reactions TO Honey Boy

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The ending of the story Honey Boy may have come as a surprise.However, the actions of the mother are quite decisive and strong.She performs an act (lying to the sheriff) for several reasons.The results of her act will probably be quite severe.In fact, Big Blue has already been arrested by the time she sits down in the police car for her return trip.What happens to Big Blue after she leaves is not told in the story, but we can imagine from the setting that he will probably be punished, perhaps even sent to jail for life or given capital punishment.

Write a five-paragraph essay in which you either agree or disagree with the mother’s actions at the end of the story.State your case clearly and support your opinions well.You might cite passages from the text to substantiate your beliefs.

Text-based Writing Assignment – five paragraphs

Opinion Essay

I agree with the mother’s actions in Honey Boy


I disagree with the mother’s actions in Honey Boy.

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