Nurse Entrepreneurship


Discussion 6.1: Nurse Entrepreneurship.

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Review the module readings and resources. Then, post a two-paragraph response to the prompt below by Day 4 of this module. Be sure to use relevant information from the course readings and presentations to support your response, and include references and citations formatted according to APA requirements.

“Successful entrepreneurs are made, not born.” They possess a skill set that promotes the identification and development of new ideas. Which of the following statements apply to you? Consider where your ability to function in an entrepreneurial role can be improved. (You don’t need to share your rating, just think about it.)

  1. I have a low level of comfort with uncertainty.
  2. I find it difficult to “sell” my ideas.
  3. My inexperience with business procedures makes me unsure.

An answer of “yes” to any of the previous questions should not be viewed as a barrier to your entrepreneurial effort. Instead, use this exercise as a tool to help you develop new skills. List five things that you can do to boost your chances of success in each of the previous areas.

  • Assignment 6.1: Critical Thinking Exercise # 1

Go to page 308 of your Waxman textbook and complete Critical Thinking Exercise #1 and answer questions A through F.  (See attached folders)

Submit your assignment as a Word document.

To understand how your work will be assessed, review the scoring rubric.